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At Rands Tax & Business Consultants, we offer comprehensive services for Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs). With our skills, we are well-equipped to provide expert service to set up and maintain your SMSFs.

Like other superannuation funds, SMSFs are a way of saving for retirement. However, what sets SMSFs apart is that the members of the fund are also the trustees, giving them direct control over how the fund is managed and invested. An SMSF can have between one to four members.

There are various benefits to setting up an SMSF, including increased flexibility and control over investment choices, and the ability to borrow and invest in properties, both commercial and residential. These advantages have led to significant growth in the popularity of SMSFs.

However, SMSFs are not suitable for everyone, and it’s crucial to seek professional advice from a Financial Advisor before deciding to establish one.

Our services for SMSFs include assistance with setting up the fund, trustees fund administration, superannuation tax preparation, financial report preparation, superannuation audits via our SMSF Auditor, superannuation valuations, and superannuation tax planning.

If you’re unsure about what income and expenses to bring for your appointment, our team can provide guidance and help you with our Superfund Checklist. Trust us for expert services for your SMSF needs.

Our Taxation Services

We guarantee effective and efficient tax handling, giving you firm control of your business’ finances and more importantly, peace of mind.

Our services include:


Land tax deductibility and minimization strategies


Review of your lease agreement to ensure compliance and protection

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Our client satisfaction is the cornerstone by which we measure our success. Here’s what our clients have to say about their experience with our team.

Outstanding service, fantastic value for money. Rands is always quick and concise. Can't say enough good things.

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Jol Tron

This was my first investment venture and Rands Financial Services was able to guide me at every turn. Going into this I was very doubtful if I would be able to take such a big step, however they gave me the knowledge and advice I needed to make decisions confidently and worked tirelessly to get the best opportunity for me. I look forward to the day I get to work with you again.

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Charith Dias

Professional and prompt service. Very efficient and understanding - offering expert advise for those starting a business for the first time. Made us consider many aspects that were vital to our goals.

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Shehan Tambinayagam

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