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It is peak time to buy your new home, win yourself a good deal with these smart strategies to find the property that is right for you and your budget.
1. Organise your right expertise to move fast
First , talk to us about getting your home loan pre-approved. Home loan pre-approval helps you know exactly what you can afford and leaves you well-equipped to move fast when you sight the right property.
Get a professional Conveyancer or Solicitor to review your Contract of sale promptly when you eye the suitable property.
2. Research your market – make the right offer
Knowing what properties are selling at what prices in the location you select will help you to make realistic offers which reduces the risk of over paying or losing out to another buyer.Monitor the ask and sell prices for similar homes you are after. If the price exceeds your budget you could consider downsizing or shift to a different location.
3. Check all the costs involved to avoid a last minute rush
When buying a home you need to keep allowances for stamp duty, legal fees, building inspection costs and selling costs of your current property. This is usually more than initial deposit for the home.
If you’re looking to buy a property let us know, let’s convert your dream to facts and figures.

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