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Australian Business Number (ABN)

Both Uber Eats and other food delivers services and Uber Rides and other similar ride sharing services should operate as a registered business with an Australian Business Number. Both services should report its income and associated costs in their individual tax returns or other tax returns subject to the structure they are registered under.

As the first rule of thumb you need to register an Australian Business Number (ABN) for Uber to accept your application to become an Uber driver. We, at Rands Financial Services can help you with the ABN and we can do this for you within a day.  Not only that, we could also help you to decide the best business structure.

Difference in tax implications for Uber Eats and Uber Rides

It is important to know that the major difference between Uber Eats and Uber Rides is the GST registration.

As per the recent update from ATO, Uber Eats and other delivery services are not required to pay GST while Uber Rides and similar “ride-sourcing” services must pay GST.

It means Uber drivers or other “ride-sourcing” “services should be registered for GST irrespective of the annual turnover and pay GST. The ATO considers “ride-sourcing” is a taxi services for taxation purposes.

Uber eats and other delivery services are required to be registered for GST if you are deriving an income exceeding AUD 75,000 per annum.

What happens if you are registered for GST?

If you are registered for GST or required to be registered for GST, the goods and services you sell in Australia are subject to  GST.

If you an Uber Eats and/or Uber Rides driver

If you are in this business,both Uber Eats ie. Food Delivery Services and Uber Rides ie. ride sourcing?

If you are engaged in both food delivery services and ride-sourcing, you need to register for GST and pay GST from your income from both sources.

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Don’t forget, it is better to get the thins Rights at the beginning so you will not have issues with ATO at the tax time. 

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