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You may be eligible for a first home buyer grant or other incentives such as stamp duty reduction.

First home owner grant explained for Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

Just like New South Wales and Western Australia those within Victoria and our nation’s capital are eligible for a $10,000 grant with a $750,000 cap.

However, the purchaser will need to reside in the property for twelve consecutive months, and within twelve months of settlement. Regardless of which state you reside in this eligibility criteria must be met.

However, if you find that you do satisfy the above requirements and are looking to apply speak to us Rands Financial Services and we can help you secure the substantial savings.

When purchasing your first property don’t let yourself become overwhelmed by the complex tasks and process, instead the process can be seamless and enjoyable when you tackle it in smaller individual stages.

From making the decision to point of purchase, saving for your deposit, to finding the right loan, and even securing the perfect home.

We take you through this step-by-step process so you can buy your dream house.

How does Rands Financial Services help you?

We, being helping so many first home buyer, will navigate you through each individual phase of the buying process from pricing, legality, deposit savings, budgeting etc.

We will go through over 100 products offered by a multiple lenders and select the best suited product for your circumstances at the best available interest rate.

We will provide you with the price guidance using our exclusively available property valuation sources.

Not only that, we are CPA Accountants and Tax Agents. We will share our knowledge with useful tax and budgeting insights through out your journey event after you settle down in your new property.

Rands Financial Services is not an only a Mortgage Broking Firm but also CPA Accountants and owns a Registered Tax Agency. Therefore, our advice and assistance are more comprehensive than an average broker.

Therefore we always explain the options in details and clarifying any doubts, make appointments at a place and time convenient to you. Moreover, we update you with news often and revisiting your financial situation and continuously looking out for products which will reduce your interest at different stages of life.

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